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65 years Logo

     •  Very few companies in our country stand the times of test and these are the companies that are “built to last”, they continuously adapt to the changing world, re-invent themselves and continue growing steadfast in their business objectives. We are 147 Years Old as a company and nearing completion of 65 years of operation in the field of cutting tools business, it is a milestone and adds to the legacy of Addison. It is a pride moment for all of us in the company and to commemorate this achievement, we are releasing a unique “Addison 65years” logo. Hence as a company, it should be of immense Pleasure for us to communicate and celebrate this significant milestone.

Innovation center

     •  As you are aware, most of the products that Addison makes are of standard tools made to various global standards. Market Leader like Addison has to focus on Innovation to continuously upgrade the tool materials, geometries and the kinematics to suit variety of applications and machines. Only these will make our customers remain competitive in their businesses. Considering the above, Addison has launched an Innovation center in Chennai. In fact, Among Indian HSS tool companies Addison is the first company to establish such a world class facility to develop customized products. Enhance the core capability of you supplying your customers with the right products. Please note that this is not just an R&D - innovation centre but also focuses on developing innovative products and processes. Thank you for all your support and look forward to your suggestions.